Episode 0: Introduction

Welcome to the introduction episode for the Wide Awake Parenting Podcast!

 This podcast is for the parents or anyone that cares for or works with children. This podcast is for parents wanting to learn more about mindfulness.  If you have all the books on mindfulness but want a space to think deeply about putting what you have learned into practice, this is a place to start. Maybe you have general "is this normal right now" child development questions.  Or perhaps you are worried about your child, you sense they are struggling and are looking for resources and support. Whatever brings you here, I think we have a lot of important stuff for you.

 I wish that every parent had access to the information we will be discussing on our show.  We will be addressing your questions with shows that focus on research and evidence-based recommendations wrapped in a dialogue where we think about these issues from a mindful parenting perspective. And  I am just so curious about all forms of health and wellbeing so we have a diverse group of wellness experts that will be joining our conversation.

 So please, use this podcast for whatever you need it for- learning new things, feeling supported, taking inventory, helping you to stay on track with your parenting goals etc.  I think your feedback via social media will be most useful in unfolding our show into something that serves us all well.  So please go to wideawakeparenting.com and connect with us.   In each episode we are going to examine the benefits of mindful parenting for ourselves and our children, I hope this inspires you with new ideas to create more mindful living in your daily life- but especially in your relationship with your child.

 We will have all sorts of parenting tips for you, but we are not going to stop there because from my experience, a list of recommendations can feel daunting for parents, so we are going to take it slow and have a conversation about how to make these changes.  I have never found lack of motivation to be the issue when a family is having difficulty following through.  It may be that there is a piece of support missing that needs to be attended to first, and that is why we are going to continue to observe what is nourishing, connecting, inspiring and transforming us as parents. 

Nourishment. What is it that fuels us? What do we need to sustain our best selves?  (The people, the places, the food, the amount of sleep.)  If we aren't nourished, it can be so exhausting trying to nourish our children and other relationships.

Connection. What do we watch, listen to, buy into, belong to?  Who do we listen to, talk to, vent to?  Who and what do we connect with? Are these connections serving us?  Or are they draining us or creating some overwhelming expectations for us?

Inspiration.  Is it art, is it a hero, a dream, our children?  What inspires us as individuals and as parents?  If we are not deeply inspired to do something, we have a hard time with follow through.  This is where matching the values you have with what you want for your child really come into play.

Transformation. What changes are happening for us at this moment?  Are we trying to start a bunch of new resolutions while also starting a new job, moving dealing with a family crisis?  What is our pattern with change, do we embrace it or push it away?   I want this podcast to make you feel not only comfortable but thrilled at the opportunity to support yourself and your family through a transformation.

The ways in which we nourish, connect, inspire and transform effect our identity as an individual, how we see ourselves and how we function as a parent.  The more aware we are of these things, the more say in the matter we have about them.  That's it, thinking and talking about what we do is the first step to being fully conscious,

and a fully conscious parent is an amazing parent!

 This is what being Wide Awake is all about.   It doesn't mean being right, or being perfect, it means being authentic and seeing clearly, with a calm mind.  When we see ourselves clearly, we are better able to observe others with less judgment, more openness, and more clarity.  This is a huge gift to give ourselves and those we care about.   Being able to see your child and accept them for who they truly are (not who you want, hope, need them to be) is the best foundation you can give them for health, confidence, positive relationships, social skills, academic achievement, emotional regulation, the list goes on.

How awake are you feeling right now?  If you feel like you may be in a sleepy version of auto-pilot, what do you need to do to shift that?  




Kirsten Kuzirian