Be Inspired.


We must be inspired in order to stay awake

When we walk through the world mindfully, we practice making observations without judgement and with a lot of curiosity!  When we are perceiving ourselves, our children, family, friends, and co-workers without this judgement we stop the pain that comes with our expectations and comparisons.   We start to see them more clearly for who they are: individuals in their own right.  Now they can inspire us with their creativity, discipline, humor or many other traits we find ourselves noticing and making space for in our lives.  Mindfulness helps us to pause and focus on being in the moment, allowing inspiration to strike from nature, animals and other people.

Our children can be a huge inspiration to us.   They encourage us to think of new ways to solve our problems or even give us the confidence to approach an old issue.  At each stage of development they are forced to get creative in order to progress to the next step.  Being still and watching this process, completely awake, can be one of the most inspiring human experiences.  Lean on the Wide Awake community to make sure you don't miss it!

what keeps you inspired?

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