Be Transformed.


Stay awake for your transformation

Things change.  Sometimes we know the growth when we see it, maybe we have been waiting for this change for a long time.  Other times we don't get a choice in the change, and it is scary or painful.  We will all face a change we cannot control but mindfulness helps us see that we do have a choice in how we will experience it.  We can attempt to fight against it.  We can bury our head in the sand.  We can numb ourselves.   We can panic.  We can lash out.  Or we can STAY AWAKE.  STAY AWARE.  And get a front row seat to our own transformation.

The practice of mindfulness helps us to recognize the small, daily pieces of change and our response to them, making the larger picture more clear.  This mindful approach empowers us, as individuals and as parents, through our transformation process. With it, we can better understand and adapt to what is required of us in each moment.  We move forward with deeper awareness in our intention setting and our decision making.  We stare into the present moment with more confidence and peace- knowing we are wide awake.



How have you transformed?