Be Connected.


we need to be connected to stay awake

Connected to our bodies and minds, the ones we love, the spaces that bring us joy,  the ideas we care about, the goals we are working toward and the communities we are invested in.  These are the links that help us to not only survive, but thrive.

As parents we all need to bounce our ideas off of someone we trust, have a safe space to unload some of our worst feelings and to learn something new- oh the vulnerability!  Are you connected to people that allow you to find your voice and be your authentic self? Where in your life could you use a few more connections, a little more support?

Let's be mindful of the individuals that walk through our lives, the messages we hear on the news, the organizations with which we are affiliated and the things we choose to consume.   Let's be aware of the role they play and the power we give them.  What do you spend your time and energy being connected to?


How do you stay connected?